High concordance in SARSCoV-2 detection between automated (Abbott m2000) and manual (DaAn gene) RT-PCR systems: The EDCTP PERFECT-Study in Cameroon

Journal of Public Health in Africa

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Title High concordance in SARSCoV-2 detection between automated (Abbott m2000) and manual (DaAn gene) RT-PCR systems: The EDCTP PERFECT-Study in Cameroon
Creator Fainguem, Nadine N. Fokam, Joseph Semengue, Ezechiel N.J. Nka, Alex D. Takou, Désiré Nkembi-leke, Joshua A. Alteri, Claudia Colagrossi, Luna Yagai, Roméo B. Chenwi, Collins A. Tommo, Michel C.T. Beloumou, Grace A. Ka’e, Aude C. Djupsa, Sandrine C.N. Abba, Aissatou Yatchou, Laeticia G.H. Zam, Krystel N. Kamgaing, Rachel Sosso, Samuel M. Mama, Lucien Ndembi, Nicaise Colizzi, Vittorio Perno, Carlo-Federico Cappelli, Giulia Ndjolo, Alexis
Subject — Molecular diagnosis; SARS-CoV-2; rRT-PCR; concordance; Cameroon
Description Molecular diagnosis of COVID-19 is critical to the control of the pandemic, which is a major threat to global health. Several molecular tests have been validated by WHO, but would require operational evaluation in the field to ensure their interoperability in diagnosis. In order to ensure field interoperability in molecular assays for detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA, we evaluated the diagnostic concordance of SARS-CoV-2 between an automated (Abbott) and a manual (DaAn gene) realtime PCR (rRT-PCR), two commonly used assays in Africa. A comparative study was conducted on 287 nasopharyngeal specimens at the Chantal BIYA International Reference Centre (CIRCB) in Yaounde-Cameroon. Samples were tested in parallel with Abbott and DaAn gene rRT-PCR, and performance characteristics were evaluated by Cohen’s coefficient and Spearman’s correlation. A total of 273 participants [median age (IQR) 36 (26-46) years] and 14 EQA specimens were included in the study. Positivity was on 30.0% (86/287) Abbott and 37.6% (108/287) DaAn gene. Overall agreement was 82.6% (237/287), with k=0.82 (95%CI: 0.777-0.863), indicating an excellent diagnostic agreement. The positive and negative agreement was 66.67% (72/108) and 92.18 % (165/179) respectively. Regarding Viral Load (VL), positive agreement was 100% for samples with high VLs (CT80%) between the Abbott and DaAn gene rRTPCR platforms supports interoperability between the two assays. Discordance occurs at low-VL, thus underscoring these tools as efficient weapons in limiting SARS-CoV-2 community transmission.
Publisher AOSIS
Date 2022-05-24
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Format application/pdf
Identifier 10.4081/jphia.2022.2163
Source Journal of Public Health in Africa; Vol 13, No 1 (2022); 6 2038-9930 2038-9922
Language eng
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Rights Copyright (c) 2024 Nadine N. Fainguem, Joseph Fokam, Ezechiel N.J. Semengue, Alex D. Nka, Désiré Takou, Joshua A. Nkembi-leke, Claudia Alteri, Luna Colagrossi, Roméo B. Yagai, Collins A. Chenwi, Michel C.T. Tommo, Grace A. Beloumou, Aude C. Ka’e, Sandrine C.N. Djupsa, Aissatou Abba, Laeticia G.H. Yatchou, Krystel N. Zam, Rachel Kamgaing, Samuel M. Sosso, Lucien Mama, Nicaise Ndembi, Vittorio Colizzi, Carlo-Federico Perno, Giulia Cappelli, Alexis Ndjolo https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0