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Eksegese van 2 Petrus 3:1–2 en die hermeneuse daarvan met spesifieke verwysing na standpunte van die sogenaamde Nuwe Ateïste

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Title Eksegese van 2 Petrus 3:1–2 en die hermeneuse daarvan met spesifieke verwysing na standpunte van die sogenaamde Nuwe Ateïste
Creator Breed, Douw G.
Subject Theology 2 Peter 3:1–2; New Atheists; Richard Dawkins; faith steadfastness; prophets; apostles; Bible; Christian believers.
Description Exegesis of 2 Peter 3:1–2 and its significance for contemporary Christians with specific reference to views of the so-called New Atheists. Die Bybel: 2020-vertaling, in Afrikaans translation of the Bible, has been introduced at a time when the Bible, the God of the Bible and believers who accept the Bible as the Word of God are seriously under suspicion. The question is how Christians are supposed to act and react in the light of these developments. The religious conviction of Peter’s first readers was under great pressure as a result of false teachers. This article exegetically indicates the guidance that Peter gives to his readers according to 2 Peter 3:1–2 and points out its significance for contemporary Christians. The exegesis in the article is concentrated on 2 Peter 3:1–2 within the context of the letter and is done according to the grammatical-historical model as practised in the Reformed tradition. The article cites examples of the New Atheists’ questioning of the Christian faith. Reference is then made to 2 Peter 3:1–2, regarding what believers must do when their faith is questioned. The article found that Christians today, like Peter’s first readers, are still under great pressure because of atheists’ hostile actions. Like Peter’s first readers, modern-day believers need guidance so that they do not succumb to the pressures on their steadfastness. Christians must think purely of the Old Testament prophets and the apostles of Jesus Christ and the revelation they received from God and Jesus Christ. When Christians think purely about prophets and apostles, they will understand the meaning of these people’s message in their present circumstances and will be able to act appropriately. 2 Peter 3:1–2 provides guidance to Christians whose faith is under pressure due to the hostile actions of unbelievers.Contribution: The article contributes to the understanding of the guidance that Peter gave to his first readers according to 2 Peter 3:1–2 and provides guidance to Christians whose faith, like Peter’s first readers, is being questioned.
Publisher AOSIS
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Date 2021-06-17
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Identifier 10.4102/ids.v55i3.2720
Source In die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi; Vol 55, No 3 (2021); 10 pages 2305-0853 1018-6441
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Rights Copyright (c) 2021 Douw G. Breed