Weekly laboratory turn-around time identifies poor performance masked by aggregated reporting

African Journal of Laboratory Medicine

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Title Weekly laboratory turn-around time identifies poor performance masked by aggregated reporting
Creator Coetzee, Lindi-Marie Cassim, Naseem Glencross, Deborah K.
Subject Haematology; Operational Science CD4; turnaround time; laboratory performance; outliers; weekly reporting
Description Background: High-level monthly, quarterly and annual turn-around time (TAT) reports are used to assess laboratory performance across the National Health Laboratory Service in South Africa. Individual laboratory performances are masked by aggregate TAT reporting across network of testing facilities.Objective: This study investigated weekly TAT reporting to identify laboratory inefficiencies for intervention.Methods: CD4 TAT data were extracted for 46 laboratories from the corporate data warehouse for the 2016/2017 financial period. The total TAT median, 75th percentile and percentage of samples meeting organisational TAT cut-off (90% within 40 hours) were calculated. Total TAT was reported at national, provincial and laboratory levels. Provincial TAT performance was classified as markedly or moderately poor, satisfactory and good based on the percentage of samples that met the cut-off. The pre-analytical, testing and result review TAT component times were calculated.Results: Median annual TAT was 18.8 h, 75th percentile was 25 h and percentage within cut-off was 92% (n = 3 332 599). Corresponding 75th percentiles of component TAT were 10 h (pre-analytical), 22 h testing and 1.6 h review. Provincial 75th percentile TAT varied from 17.6 h to 34.1 h, with three good (n = 13 laboratories), four satisfactory (n = 24 laboratories) and two poor performers (n = 9 laboratories) provinces. Weekly TAT analysis showed 12/46 laboratories (28.6%) without outlier weeks, 31/46 (73.8%) with 1–10 outlier weeks and 3/46 (6.5%) with more than 10 (highest of 20/52 weeks) outlier weeks.Conclusion: Masked TAT under-performances were revealed by weekly TAT analyses, identifying poorly performing laboratories needing immediate intervention; TAT component analyses identified specific areas for improvement.
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Date 2020-12-21
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Identifier 10.4102/ajlm.v9i1.1102
Source African Journal of Laboratory Medicine; Vol 9, No 1 (2020); 8 pages 2225-2010 2225-2002
Language eng
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Coverage South African CD4 testing laboratories NA time and date stamps during sample processing from sample taken to result reviewed
Rights Copyright (c) 2020 Lindi Coetzee, Naseem Cassim, Deborah Kim Glencross https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0