New synonyms and combinations in Drimia Jacq. (Hyacinthaceae) in southern Africa

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Title New synonyms and combinations in Drimia Jacq. (Hyacinthaceae) in southern Africa
Creator Manning, John C.
Subject Botany; Taxonomy; Nomenclature Austronea; nomenclature; southern Africa; synonym; taxonomy; Urginea; Vera-duthiea; Zingela
Description Background: Ongoing systematic studies in the African flora necessitate periodic nomenclatural adjustments and corrections.Objectives: To effect requisite nomenclatural changes.Method: Relevant literature was surveyed and relevant material was examined.Results: Nomenclatural adjustments are provided for recently described taxa of Hyacinthaceae subfamily Urgineoideae in order to accommodate them in the alternative classification system in use in South African herbaria.Conclusion: A broadly circumscribed Drimia Jacq. has the advantages of nomenclatural stability and utility. The newly described segregate genera Austronea Mart.-Azorín et al. and Zingela N.R.Crouch et al. are formally included in Drimia, and A. densiflora Mart.-Azorín et al., A. hispidoplicata Mart.-Azorín et al. and A. pinguis Mart.-Azorín et al. are transferred to that genus as D. densiflora (Mart.-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning Goldblatt, D. hispidoplicata(Mart.-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning Goldblatt and D. pinguis (Mart.-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning Goldblatt, respectively, whereas A. grandiflora Mart.-Azorín et al. and A. linearis Mart.-Azorín et al. are treated as synonyms of D. vermiformis J.C.Manning Goldblatt; A. olifanta Mart.-Azorín et al. is treated as a synonym of D. barkerae Oberm. ex J.C.Manning Goldblatt; and A. papillosa Mart.-Azorín et al. and A. pygmaea (A.V. Duthie) Mart.-Azorín et al. are treated a synonyms of D. virens (Schltr.) J.C.Manning Goldblatt. Zingela pooleyorum N.R.Crouch is considered to be conspecific with Urginea zambesiacaBaker, for which the new combination D. zambesiaca (Baker) J.C.Manning Goldblatt is provided. The combination D. zebrina (Mart.-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning Goldblatt is provided for an allied species. Examination of recent collections of Ornithogalum toxicarium C.Archer R.H.Archer confirms that it is actually a species of Drimia and it is accordingly transferred to that genus as D. toxicaria (C.Archer R.H.Archer) J.C.Manning Goldblatt.
Publisher AOSIS
Date 2019-04-10
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Identifier 10.4102/abc.v49i1.2412
Source Bothalia; Vol 49, No 1 (2019); 5 pages 2311-9284 0006-8241
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Rights Copyright (c) 2019 John C. Manning