Assessment of the Medmont C100 test for colour vision screening of male Saudi Arabians

African Vision and Eye Health

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Title Assessment of the Medmont C100 test for colour vision screening of male Saudi Arabians
Creator Alotaibi, Abdullah Z. Ikpotokin, Emmanuel A. Oriowo, O. Matthew
Subject — Colour vision screening; Ishihara pseudoisochromatic test; Oculus HMC Anomaloscope; Medmont C100 colour vision test
Description Purpose: To assess the Medmont C100 test as a colour vision screening tool. Methods: One hundred and seventeen young male adults were screened with the Medmont C100, Ishihara plates, and the screening mode of the Oculus Anomaloscope tests. All subjects were tested under constant room illumination, namely that of a day light fluorescent lamp at 200 lux. Inclusion criteria were visual acuities (VA) of 20/20 or better with or without correction and absence of known ocular pathologies.Aided and unaided visual acuities were measured with the Snellen VA chart. Results: Five out of the117 subjects, were found to have red-green colour vision deficiency (CVD) with Ishihara and anomaloscope tests indicating a 4.7% CVD prevalence, while the Medmont C100 test yielded 33 cases of red-green deficiency indicating CVD prevalence of 28%.  With the Ishihara test, all five subjects were identified as deutans, while the anomaloscope revealed three as deutans and two as protans, and the Medmont C100 test identified all 33 cases as protans. Conclusion:  The Medmont C100 test yielded significantly higher prevalence of protan CVD compared with the Ishihara platesand Anomaloscope tests. These findings suggest that caution should be taken when using Medmont C100 test for colour vision screening as it tends togive more false positive results with bias for protans.  (S Afr Optom 2011 70(1) 14-20)
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Date 2011-12-10
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Identifier 10.4102/aveh.v70i1.94
Source African Vision and Eye Health; South African Optometrist: Vol 70, No 1 (2011); 14-20 2410-1516 2413-3183
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Rights Copyright (c) 2011 Abdullah Z. Alotaibi, Emmanuel A. Ikpotokin, O. Matthew Oriowo